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कार्यक्रम पत्रिका : क्लिक करा

National Service Scheme (NSS)

Principal's Message

(M.Sc., Ph.D.)

To synthesize students with sense of dignity of labour and believing in selfless service, the college has its own N. S .S. unit. About 150 students are enrolled every year in N.S.S. Apart from involving in socially useful projects; these students participate in a special rural camp which involves community work, awareness and socio-economic survey. This enables the student to develop their overall personality through community service.

In our college, National Service Scheme (NSS) is run successfully from 1994. At present the strength of our NSS unit is of 150 volunteers. The NSS activities are carried out with great enthusiasm. Some of the remarkable activities carried out by NSS volunteers are blood donation, water conservation, tree plantation, AIDS awareness and project on rural development. The college is implementing special camping activities in different villages, to make aware the villagers with the idea of cleanliness, health and hygiene. Also we try to eradicate superstition by conducting programmes as well as lectures from resource persons. Our NSS volunteers have also participated in various State and National level Camping Programmes.

Programm Officer
Programm Officer
Dr. Arle R.N.
Prof. Lande K.A.